Saturday, 21 February 2015

Is Pakistan The Worst Fielding Side Ever In History Of Cricket?

By Sikander Hayat 

Is this the worst Pakistan fielding team ever representing Pakistan in a cricket world cupPakistan dropped six catches against west indies and three against India. Anyone who expect that a team can win a cricket match after affectively giving two goes to any team is living in fools paradise.
Old cliché that catches win matches is true and Pakistan need to start catching soon. If I am brutally honest, I do not want this team to qualify for quarter finals as that will be the false reflection of the performance of some of the players in this Pakistan side.
For me although batting failure is one issue but fielding is the biggest issue at this point and if Pakistan had took all their catches, West Indies could have been bold out for 180. This would have turned the match on its head and Pakistan could have won easily. Some of the players in this team are so unfit that calling them athletes is a travesty.
If you are a professional cricketer playing for Pakistan, you should put utmost effort in gym and achieve a level which help you to achieve good catching and ground fielding. People like Nasir 
Jamshed who are overweight and unfit should not be selected. Specialist keeper should be in the team as Umer Akmal is dropping on average two to three catches every match.
In the end I believe that there has been
 a big problem with Pakistan's one day side for a long time. Pakistan is doing very well in test cricket and not too bad in twenty 20 but one day cricket is a big problem. I hope that things improve soon but now events are not in the control of Pakistan cricket team.
They have to win every game and hope that 
Ireland will lose against one of the minnows. Anything short of that will be an early exit which would be a shame in a format which is made for big teams to progress effortlessly to the quarter finals. 
Pakistan missed a trick by not selecting Fawad Alam as Fawad could have provided few overs, plus he is a good fielder and an excellent batsman.
I do hope that there is no bias against Karachi players in the Pakistan Cricket Board as many of excellent players have been left out while mediocre players like Akmal brothers have been selected on numerous occasions.
Pakistan board needs to get the balance right and give preference to talent rather than personal likes and dislikes.  

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